January's Pie of the Month:

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

Our Pie of the Month for a cold, cold January is a rich spiced chocolate pastry cream in a deep chocolate cookie crust. My former assistant Kelsey and I were inspired to make this pie during another bitterly cold January several years ago. We were inspired by the traditional flavors of a much warmer part of the World.

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, indigienous people have been making chocolate for centuries.  They grind local cocoa beans with nuts, chilies, and spices, and form it into bars that are used to make a traditional drinking chocolate.

When our original plan of importing handmade Oaxacan chocolate directly from Mexico ourselves proved cost-prohibitive (imagine!), Kelsey, who eventually went on to work for Rick Bayless, decided to infuse the flavors into the chocolate herelf. The result is a chocolate cream pie for grown-ups, with hints of ground cinnamon, almonds, and vanilla.  Chilies de arbol and cayenne pepper give it a litle kick. 

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