Some hard working people you should know about -
Our farmers!

Carl Sagan said: To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Sounds like he just didn't want to turn the oven on! But we do believe that to create a great pie you need to know some great farmers. Here's some of our favorites:

Ellis Family Farm
Rene Gelder's family farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan is our primary source of fruit from April's first unfurling Rhubarb to November's last blushing Granny Smith Apples. Through the season they also provide us with berries, sweet cherries, peaches, pears, and cranberries.

Seedling owner Peter Klein provides us with berries, peaches, apricots, amazing dried fruits, ciders, & the occasional bit of restaurant gossip.

Green Acres
Some of our favorite vegetables from Beth Eccles, North Judson, Indiana farm is sweet potatos, squashes, and greens.

Mick Klug
Every summer Mick Klug brings us the sour cherries for our cherry pie and the sweet corn for our corn pudding pie.

C&D Family Farms
C&D Farms of Knox Indiana puts the pork in Pork Apple Sage Supper pie! Crystal delivers farm fresh meats to the city year round - check out her website!

Mint Creek Farm
We love mixing Mint Creek's ground lamb with Seedlings dried apricots, and a blend ras-al-hanout spices to make our Moroccan lamb hand pies.

River Valley Farm
We use River Valley Mushroom's Medley of Shiitake, Oyster, & Cremini to compose our hand pies, quiches, and vegetable pot pies.

Burton's Maplewood Farm
We get our maple syrup from Tim & Angie Burton's farm in southern Indiana. The farm sets high on a morainal knob just outside of tiny Medora Indiana. The farm's beautiful Sugaring House is one of the best places to be on a chilly day in the early spring. Each March they host the National Maple Syrup festival.

Green City Market
In addition to the farmers above, we also purchase products from many other Green City Market farmers artisan's including Hillside, Smits, Capriole, Brunkow, Genesis, Three Sisters, and many more.

The Spice House
Definitely Chicago's best smelling institution! Few things are as important to a baker as high quality freshly ground spices. Thank goodness we have the Spice House.

Metropolis Coffee Company
It�s a perfectly symbiotic pie & coffee relationship. They buy our pie, we buy their coffee. And it is outstanding coffee as noted in their 2007 Micro-roaster of the Year award from Roast Magazine.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla
Looking for a baking secret? It's Nielsen-Massey vanilla produced in Waukegan. We prefer the paste which is a combination of vanilla extract and vanilla seeds.

















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